Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How can Cooking Help Promote Family Time

While writing this blog I've learned so much about cook and doing some research on how others cook. One thing I believe that stands out to me more than anything is how cooking can bring families together. One reason I’ve noticed this is due to the fact why I cook. Since I’ve started to cook, I can say it has helped be become closer with my mother and grandmother, now that we have more topics to talk about. With that being said, my brothers and friends now have the desire to cook more. This is beneficial because not only will they learn how to cook for themselves, but also they can become healthier eaters.

Spending time with family and friends is important to passing down knowledge and history. In today's society, family time is rear, few, and far between. I personally find it difficult to find the time to spend with family and friend because of my hectic schedule. While taking classes during the summer and trying to do well in the short amount of time, it can be very challenging to try and find time to spend with the ones you love. Moreover, it is still important to make time when ever possible. Family and friends can help you get through hard times by simply being there. A simple phone call can help your day tremendously. 

Cooking is something that we can all have in common. In my blog I have made it clear how I found much proof that anyone can cook. As shown on food network's website, there are levels of difficultly, while the food still has great quality to it. You can cook for the fast pace person or the person with nothing to do all day long. It many feel like a challenge at first, but I can lead to you become a cook. This is how I started. Moreover, after looking at the recipes online, I branched off into communicating with my grandmother and mother about food. Furthermore, it led to me discussing my cooking plans with my aunts, brothers, cousins, friends, and many others loved ones. 

Being away from college is a drastic change for me because I don’t get to see my close friends and family. In addition, I am extremely close with my brothers; so cooking helps give us more to communicate about when we are on the phone or when we do get to see each other. I can honestly say time spent with loved ones is extremely important for anyone, so lets try and use the kitchen to help us connect with the important people in our lives. 


  1. Cooking is the ultimate medium for family bonding it provides a fun hands on activity with instant gratification. From little kids to older adults it seems that most people have a sense of pride when they cook something delicious. I also really enjoy cooking with my grandfather it is interesting to see some of the tricks he has picked up throughout his lifetime.

  2. My family epitomizes the "cooking time = family time." When I read this it reminded me of when my family used to live in New Jersey. My grandparents, aunts, and cousins all lived within fifteen minutes of my house. Every so often somebody would decide to make Lebanese grapeleaves. Say for example, my mom decided to make them. She would tell one of her sisters that she was making them. Next thing we knew, my aunt would be over rolling grapeleaves with my mom. More and more relatives would come over throughout the day and roll grapeleaves until we had hundreds of them. Then we would all sit together as a family and eat and enjoy each other's company. Cooking and food are great ways to bring families together :)