Sunday, June 12, 2011

Shrimp Alfredo

So I think I took my own advice by cooking some Shrimp Alfredo. I believe this was my first time cooking shrimp. Surprisingly, the process did not go as bad as I expected (I thought I would be extremely lost). However it turned out good. In spite of that matter, the actual Alfredo was no issue. Furthermore, I added steamed broccoli to go along with the Alfredo for the night. 

First off I had to go food shopping, which I haven't I only God knows how long. As a result, I took a trip to the supermarket, in search for a pound and a half of shrimp and seafood seasoning. I remembered a comment my grandmother made to me referring to old bay seasoning. She let me know that I could not go wrong with it concerning seafood. Evidently, she understands I have a way of potentially messing up a meal (Another story where I almost burned my grandmother's cabbage when left in the house alone. consequently, I left the kitchen... but she still doesn't know this to this day, I hope she does ever read this).  Nevertheless, I used the old bay-seasoning combine with redfish seasoning. Admitingly, I can say this my idea, which may not be that big of a deal for you but one for me. 

In comparison to the recipe I discussed previously from "Simple Recipe" I deviated somewhat, which is not surprise by now if you have read my previous post. I started of with some choked sweet onions and red and green bell peppers. After cooking these ingredients down some, I added the shrimp (which I already seasoned earlier in the day with the seasoning mentioned above).  Moreover I steamed the broccoli and boiled the noodles simultaneously. After the noodles were done, I mixed them in with the Alfredo sauce, which I used Rago roasted garlic Parmesan. Finally I added the shrimp to the already mixed sauce and noodles. 

This dish was fun for me due to the fact that I’ve never cooked it before. I also was a bit unconventional when it came down to the bell peppers, which I’ve used 


  1. Wow! This recipe for shrimp alfredo sounds amazing! I am not exactly a great cook, and I always assumed that a dish like this would be a little out of my experise to prepare myself. However, after reading your post, I beleive that I just may be able to pull this off! I will be looking forward to reading more posts from you down the road.

  2. Mmm any kind of Alfredo is a weakness of mine! I love pastas of all kinds too, although I would substitute another meat for the shrimp (I don't like the texture). I think I'll give this recipe a try too with your spin on it a try!

  3. You can't go wrong with a good alfredo especially on with redfish seasoned shrimp. I've used that redfish seasoning before on fish but never thought to put it on shrimp for an alfredo. Next time I whip up a shrimp alfredo I'm defiantly using that seasoning i bet it gave it a nice punch.

  4. I actually just cooked this dish last week for the first time on my own. I actually grew up with my parents using old bay seasoning as well, but i prefer not to use it when i am preparing Shrimp Alfredo, but to each his own.